Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ukraine photos 1

Some photos from Ukraine. I will try to post a few while I'm shooting.

Ukraine and Mila

We left Milan for Kiev, a 3 day drive. The 750km from the Ukraine/Hungary border to Kiev took 11 hours and 3 police stops, 1 for speeding, 1 for overtaking on a solid line and the 3rd one on the outskirts of Kiev I didn't stop to find out.
We are staying with Ukrainian photographer, Mila Teshaieva while in Kiev.
all photos © Mila Teshaieva

Rear View Mirror

Last Friday in Milan a beautiful new Italian photography magazine was launched called Rear View Mirror, published by Postcart.
It features 4 reportages,
Pieter Ten Hoopen, George Georgiou, Marta Sarlo and Agnes Dherbeys
1 Portfolio, Alisa Resnik
1 retrospective, Massimo Sciacca
and a couple of interviews including Guy Tillim

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Conversations with Vanessa Winship and Dana Popa

Over on the excellent Conscientious blog are interviews with Vanessa Winship and Dana Popa.
Conscientious is well worth checking out, there's a lot of interesting interviews, reviews and links to photographers.

Photo © Dana Popa

National Portrait Gallary

I sent 2 portraits to the Talyor Wessing prize and the first was selected for the exhibition.

Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize

The short list for the National Portrait gallery Tayor Wessing prize was announced, details on the BJP blog 1854. Vanessa Winship is one of the finalist with an image from her new work from Georgia, as you would expect, I hope she wins.
In order, Vanessa Wnship, Michal Chelbin, Paul Floyd Blake and Mirjana Vrbaski.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Prospekt Gallery opening

Last Thursday Prospekt opened their new Gallery and Studio space in Milan with a Prospekt photographers group exhibition, with great food, wine and music. Well over 500 people attended and it was agreed by all that it was a great success.
Here are the exhibition profiles, later I will post images from the preparation and party.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Serbia/Kosova in Diario magazine, Italy.

Diario magazine in Italy took the unusual and brave step for a magazine of first taking my photographs from Serbia and Kosova to mark the 10th anniversary of the war and then looking for a text to complimented the photos. I am happy to say that they used an extract from the book of Bosnian author Elvira Mujcic "and if Fuad had had dynamite".
An interview with Elvira can be found on Peace reporter

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Screening of Georgia at Perpignan

Tonight I have a screening of "Georgia: In the shadow of the bear" at Perpignan. The selection and slideshow was made sometime before I completed the last part of the work by the people at Visa. When I got back from finishing the work I contacted Visa to see if they could replace some of the images with the newer ones. Not such a difficult task, but no it wasn't possible, the slideshow had been produced and that was that. So much for championing photojournalism and the integrity of the work and the author. I was going to pull the work but I wasn't the only one involved, I had to think of the position that would leave my French agency in, so left the decision to them.

Georgia June 2009