Sunday, 14 November 2010

Presentation at Visions 10

I will be making a presentation of my new work "The shadow of the Bear" at this years Visions 10 on the 19th November at 10.30 and 3.30.
Address: Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1

This is the first time I am showing this work, a project shot over the last 3 years in Georgia and Ukraine.
The presentation will be a photographic slide show and is at the early stages of editing and sequencing. Photographically, I am exploring  different narrative structures within this work, creating series of documentary fictions and exploring public space. 
The slide show, made very quickly, is a first impression/edit and  will change as I edit the project to work in different modes of presentation, as an installation, exhibition and book.

An introduction:
This project is a document looking at the aftermath of the peaceful “colour” revolutions that took place in Georgia and Ukraine against the backdrop of Russia’s resurgence as a major international power and it’s continuous interfering in their sovereign and domestic affairs.
Through the work I am striving to make a visual connection between the overlapping territories of Nation and Empire by looking at signs in the domestic and public spheres, when taken together, build up a representation of how the people of Georgia and Ukraine negotiate the space that they find themselves in.

On Thursday 18th I will be in Paris at the OffprintParis doing a book signing at 6pm.
Offprint is an artist book fair dedicated to photography publications. A huge number of publishers will be there alongside photographers signing their books. Promises to be one of the best event during Paris photo week.