Thursday, 29 July 2010

New photos from Shadow of the Bear

Here are a few images from the Shadow of the Bear project from my last trip to Georgia. The project is progressing really well. I think 1 more trip to Ukraine in September might well see the shooting part of the project completed.

Invisible: London

A few random photos from the many I shot this summer for my London project.
Getting ready to go to Latvia to teach at the ISSP workshop during the whole of next week. Really looking forward to meeting both the other photographers teaching and the students. Usually I get a lot from these workshops, especially from the enthusiasm and energy of young photographers.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Exhibition images at CIAC Foligno, Italy

 CII went to the opening last week of our joint exhibition at the CIAC Museum, in Foligno, Umbria.
I was really impressed with the museum, a contemporary  rust covered cube from the outside and light, bright and spacious inside.
This is the first time someone has put Vanessa's and my Turkey work together. The dynamic between the two was interesting, adding an extra layer of meaning to the individual works.
For this I must thank Daniele Mattioli for inviting us both, Emanuele De Donno for doing a great job with the installation and Piter Foglietta, the organisor of Canti e Discanti.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Change of location

The Fault Lines exhibition on Foligno has change location. It will now be showing at the CIAC Museum alongside Vanessa's "Sweet Nothings". Opening is Thursday at 9pm and runs until the 9th September.
I will also be doing a presentation and book signing in an old Cinema in the town centre on Saturday at 12 noon.

A couple of curators have mentioned putting our work together but this is the first time it has happened.
Really looking forward to seeing how it holds together.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ukraine: In the shadow of the bear

My agency in Italy, Prospekt, has uploaded some of my new work from Ukraine on their website.
I haven't got round to putting it on my site. It is very much a work in progress and is part of the larger "In the shadow of the Bear" project I am hoping to complete this year. See previous post
You can see the work HERE.

It's worth having a look around the Prospekt features.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Exhibition in Foligno, Umbria

Next week my Fault Lines /Turkey exhibition will be showing as part of the World music festival "Canti e discanti", in the beautiful Umbria town of Foligno. The festival includes music, film, photography and being Italy, FOOD. The exhibition will be held at the beautiful Corte di Palazzo Trinci, inside the arcaded inner courtyard. Opening 10th July at 11am.
Vanessa Winship will also be showing "Sweet Nothings" in CIac, Centro Italiano Arte Contemporanea,
 A very interesting contemporary building, completely rusty on the outside and light and spacious on the inside. Opening 8th July 9.30pm