Friday, 23 October 2009

Ukraine photos 4

The last post from Ukraine, leaving on Sunday back to London via Berlin. And then the serious work of editing. How many of the images or pairs will remain in the final edit I'm not sure, I find it a useful way of formulating ideas as I'm working.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Ukraine photos 2

Klavdij Sluban interview

I met Klavdij Sluban a few years ago at a festival we were both exhibiting at.
He has always pursued long term project, so it was great to hear that
he won this years European book publishers award.
Another long term project, in fact 15 years so far, is his work on
prisons and the prison workshops he conducts.
Jim Casper at Lens Culture has posted a video interview with
Klavdij. There are also a number of other interesting audio interviews

Lens Culture Conversations with Photographers: Klavdij Sluban from Jim Casper on Vimeo.