Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Close to Home reaches Cyprus

The British Council's "Close to Home " exhibition arrived at it's final destination last week in Cyprus after a year long tour of South Eastern Europe . 
I was invited to the opening as the "Cypriot" artist and made a presentation of the "Fault Lines: Turkey" work in both the North and South of Nicosia. What was interesting for me was the positive response of the Turkish Cypriots to my work, in particular the Fault Lines project. They really engaged and understood the images and issues I was exploring in this work.

On the final afternoon I had the good fortune to find a building along the Greek side of the Green line that wasn't being guarded. It led to a series of buildings running along the green line with these fortified bunkers. After 30 years of impasse the cleanly swept rooms really symbolise this slow burning division.

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