Sunday, 3 October 2010

Exhibition and workshop at Spazio Labo in Bologna

I have a workshop and an exhibition of Fault lines at Spazio Labo in Bologna at the end of October.

Exhibition opens on the 28th October, all are welcome and the workshop is 29th to 31st October, Vanessa will help out, details below.

Documentary Practice and Narrative: The Long Term Project
Workshop with George Georgiou (London, UK)
With the participation of Vanessa Winship

The workshop “Documentary Practice and Narrative: The Long Term Project” will address the issues of contemporary documentary photographic practice and approaches, taking a deeper look at the long-term project in photography. The aim is to build up an understanding of different forms of narratives and different ways of structuring work according to the final mode of presentation, be it a book, an exhibition, multimedia or magazine feature. We will discuss how ideas and concepts are crucial to the development of the documentary project, how to identify themes, motifs and issues that address and question the societies we live in, on both the local and the global level. Participants will bring completed and in progress projects so we can look and deconstruct the images and the working methodology, including taking a detailed look at the editing process. The teacher’s own and other photographers’ projects, working methods and project evolution will be used as illustrations.
Each participant should bring selected project/s from their own work and be prepared to discuss their aims in the context of a group.

Dates of the workshop:
Friday 29th October 2010: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Saturday 30th October 2010: 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday 31st October 2010: 10am to 6pm

For more information: - +39 3283383634

Workshop fee:
300 €
280 € - student price

Place of the workshop:
Spazio Labo’ - Centro di Fotografia
via Frassinago 43/2c, Bologna

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