Monday, 24 January 2011

Alec Soth in NYT Magazine

Interesting discussion about Alec Soth's portraits for the NYT mag on Bagnewsnotes. Must admit I feel these are a little too sterile for me, unlike Alec's main portraits from his own projects. Maybe to do with a time restrain and the fact that a lot of the portraits have people looking to the side.

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Microcord said...

Yes well, this is I suppose the hip, fashionable side of Magnum (which has at least one other newish member whose life-work seems to be uninteresting pictures of girls looking blank). Me, I'll take the unhip side, thanks.

Daft commentary on that page too. Soth is compared with, say, Leibowitz. Why her? Hello peoples; haven't you heard of (say) Chris Killip's Pirelli Work?

Somebody even writes there:

♠ » If a portrait ever reflects more than the situation of being photographed, it’s a function of the subject, photographer or editor trying to impose a message or attitude on the image. « ♠

What utter poppycock.

Let's just hope that this fashion burns itself out soon.