Sunday, 15 May 2011

Side Gallery

I am shocked to hear that the Side Gallery in Newcastle has lost all it's Arts
Council funding. As the only gallery in the UK that has supported and shown documentary photography for over 35 years, the gallery needs as many people to write in, offering support of their unique and valuable role in British documentary photography.
All the info about the Art councils reasons and Sides counter arguments can be found on the Side website
There is a petition that I encourage everyone to sign. The local MP's in the North East of England have join the campaign to try to save the galleries funding by questioning it in the House of Commons.
I have a strong affection for the gallery and the cooperative, Amber, that run it. They are the only gallery in the UK to have given me a solo show, and not only once but twice.
I showed Between the Lines in 2002 and Fault Lines in 2010.
Today I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Figures and Fiction, Contemporary South African Photography, and also went to the permanent gallery space, where they were showing a collection of photographs by the truely amazing, David Goldbaltt from their collection. The work was originally organised and shown in the UK by the Side Gallery, who then toured the exhibition around the UK. When the exhibition ended David donated the prints to the V&A.
This is one of many cases of both photographers and their work that they have supported over the years, I made a previous post about the great posters they have from previous exhibition that can be viewed here.
©Graham Smith
In the  spring of 2010, they exhibited Tim Hetherington's striking photographs of the civil war in Liberia, taken from his first book Long Story Bit by Bit – Liberia Retold.
As a tribute to Tim, I would like to post this link to the talk he did at Side at the time of the opening.

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Microcord said...

Hello from Japan, George.

I was shocked when I heard this about the Side Gallery (perhaps a month or so ago). Even though I've never been to the gallery (I'm only rarely within a day's drive from Sheffield), I enjoy photobooks that probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for Amber/Side.

So I sent Amber/Side some money.

That's not hard for us salaried people. More of us should do it!