Monday, 8 March 2010

Shortlisted for BJP project assistance award

I have been shortlisted for the BJP project assistance award alongside 7 others.
Proposals of each photographer can be seen by clicking on their names.

Eight photographers in competition for £5000 Project Assistance Award

The names of the eight photographers who will compete for BJP's £5000 assistance award have been announced

For the past year, BJP has showcased every week a personal project from a photographer looking for completion funding or assistance shooting another series. Out of the 56 projects published in BJP, eight have now been selected for the final stage of the competition.

This year's shorlist includes CJ Clarke, Jude Edginton, George Georgiou, Liz Hingley, Kalpesh Lathigra, Sayaka Maruyama, Dana Popa and Clare Smart.

The eight shortlisted photographers will now be invited for interview at BJP’s London HQ . An independent judging panel will assess the photographers’ proposals and offer advice on how they might be tightened up or improved. Each will then receive a cheque for £300 with which to carry out additional research (which might include shooting tests, drawing up a budget, etc) over a four-week period.

They will then have to present their plans to the panel, which will award the £5000 cash prize to the best project.

  • CJ Clarke is nominated for Belfast Now - Forgotten Union, which documents the lives, habits and environment of the fragmented unionist community in Belfast.
  • Jude Edginton was chosen for his I'm the Daddy Now work, which aims at portraying up to 50 men of all ages who became fathers as teenagers.
  • George Georgiou's In the Shadow of the Bear documents the aftermath of the peaceful "colour" revolutions that took place in Georgia and Ukraine against the backdrop of Russia's resurgence as a major international power.
  • Liz Hingley is nominated for her project titled Under Gods, Europe, which she started on Soho Road in Birmingham. Her next stop will be in a street of Paris 'to show the growth of multi-faith communities and the issues they cause and face in different countries'.
  • Kalpesh Lathigra is nominated for his Infrastructure of the War project, which looks at the lives of British soldiers in Afghanistan.
  • Sayaka Maruyama's work Japan Avant-Garde is an homage to Japanese culture. The photographer's work is inspired from Geisha style and Japanese art.
  • Dana Popa is nominated for Not Natasha, a project that 'trace the tragically fractured and damaged lives of young girls and women caught up in human trafficking for prostitution within Europe.
  • Clare Smart is nominated for her Club Liberty 09 project - a series of portraits focusing on the concept of identity through music culture.
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